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Who is Texas Panhandle Organic!

We are here to promote organic based farming in the Panhandle of Texas.

Because of the unique features of the High Plains in the Texas Panhandle, alternative methods that work well in other parts of the country may not work well in our region. But with the cycles of increasingly harsh droughts and extreme heat, traditional methods of farming are putting increasing pressure on the available water resources and the need to find more efficient growing methods is clear. We have begun this site to provide a forum for the sharing of information of any and all ideas that hold promise for accomplishing this goal.

Texas Panhandle Organic is a recently formed company owned by Bill Weems and Dave Riggs. It is the goal of the company to use organic products to restore biological activity to the soil which will result in more productive crops with higher feed value. Tactics will include soil testing, soil amendments, minimum and no-till practices, seed inoculants, foliar sprays, cover crops, plant sap testing and companion crop planting. Please contact us at 806-570-0897 for more information.

Obviously, we are also here to talk about and promote a product that we have found to be nothing short of miraculous in improving efficiency of our farms –Sea Mineral FA.


Where does it come from?

Sea Mineral comes from the bay between Mexico and the Baja peninsula.


What is it good for?

It is a great organic additive that adds important nutrients to your soil.


What kind of results can I expect?

Alfalfa Servi-Tech Results
Test Date Rel Feed Crude Prot Tot Dig Nu
6-7 238 26.4 72.2%
7-22 294 27.0 78.5%
8-27 277 28.0 79.4%
10-18 348 28.6 81.2%