Texas Panhandle Organic



What is Texas Panhandle Organic?

Texas Panhandle Organic was started in 2013 to promote Sustainable AG and Organic farming practices, philosophies, and products. The goal of the company is to restore natural biological activity to the soil in the Texas Panhandle. Soils with active biology and good mineral balance will result in more productive crops, better drought tolerance, and will produce feed crops with higher Relative Feed Value (RFV), which will produce better livestock.

Tactics include:

  1. Extensive soil testing to determine current mineral and biological level of your soil.
  2. Increase soil organic matter content by minimum and no-till practices, cover crops, tillage radish, Compost fertilizer, and seed inoculants.
  3. Feeding the plants with foliar applied sea minerals to unlock essential minerals that may be locked in the soil due to mineral imbalance.
  4. Refractor meter testing of plant sap to determine BRIX score to evaluate plant sugar production, or plant efficiency.

Please explore this web site and our Field production tests. We host Farmers Roundtable meetings twice a year to discuss our tactics and progress, and walk the field production test sites so that you can evaluate these tactics yourself.

Please contact us at 806-570-0897 for more information or to discuss your soil biology.